Teacup Basics

Information regarding the sizes and health of toy, tiny toy, and teacup varieties of Poodles. 

Poodle Health        
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Many people have the mistaken idea that teacup poodles are not healthy. While it is true that some teacup poodles can have health problems, if a teacup is bred from a healthy line, and bred from a line that is specifically bred to be small, then they can be just as healthy as any other size dog.

Don't mistake a runt from a larger poodle to be a teacup. True teacups are a small breed of their own. Beware of breeders selling their puppies at a very young age. You can't tell what the puppy will truly weigh until it is 12wk's old! Do Not purchase your poodle until they are 10 - 12 wk's of age. Teacups are more expensive than a toy.

I know a lot of people that have paid the price for a teacup and ended up with a 10 pound toy. Shop smart and buy smart. You can put a deposit on a puppy and wait and see what he is going to be. If the breeder is not willing to do this


      Poodle Sizes        
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Extra Tiny Teacups weigh between 1-2 lbs and are 8" tall and under full grown.  Tiny Teacup poodles weigh between 2-3 lbs. and are 8" tall and under full grown. Teacups weigh between 3-4 lbs. and are also 8" and under full grown. Depending on the size of a teacup, teacups can not go to their new home until they are 10-16 weeks old and sometimes longer depending on how small they are. As to the health of teacup poodles, Teacups are just as healthy as larger poodles, just smaller. Because of their tiny size, they are not the ideal size for small children. The tiny toy or toy size is a better choice for small children.

Tiny Toys
Tiny toy poodles weigh between 4-6 lbs. and are 8-9" full grown. Tiny toy poodles can usually go to their new home at 8-9 weeks of age.


Toy poodles weigh between 6-10 lbs. and are 10" and under full grown. Toy poodles can usually go to their new home at 8 to 9 weeks of age

Deposit is $500.00 balance due when puppy is picked up or shipped.

Please call or email for full prices of the pups.

Sales Policy  

We do not sell to any puppy mills, puppy dealers, pet co-ops, pet stores or puppy brokers. 

We do not believe in cross breeding.

We try to make sure our puppies are going to proper homes for their size and needs.

I accept all types of credit cards through PayPal. PayPal is a secure service and anyone can sign up with PayPal if they have an email address.

Please add 3% to the total puppy price for the PayPal handling fee.

I also accept wire transfers and casher's checks.

If you choose to pay with a personal or business check, your puppy cannot be shipped or picked up until your check clears which is usually 7-10 business days.

All Puppies that we accept deposits on must be paid for in full by the time they are 8 wk's old!

We have the right to change our minds about selling a puppy to anyone. If this should happen all money that has been received by us will be returned to the buyer.

We do not guarantee size on the puppies.  We are not God!

Deposits are non refundable!  If you change your mind about the puppy the deposit will be held and can be applied to another puppy within a 1year period.