Ok, first of all I have the pens that I use for the little ones that is very easy to use at home or at work:

You can buy extra panels if you what it larger.  It is big enough that you can put their bed, water and food in it as well as a potty pad. Easy to take with you to work or on a trip.

They will be used to the pen when you get them. It is a safe place for them while you are away or at nap time. They need to take naps during the day. You will be surprised how much they sleep. Always have food and water out for them. These little ones will eat a little all day long. This keeps their blood sugar up.

I use washable potty pads.  They last a long time, years, and the little darlings love to tear up the disposable ones! I get mine at:

They will need a water and food bowl or dispenser. This is what I use.

I like to have at least the water in one of these so that they are not tempted to play in it which some poodles love the water! We have one that will dig the water out of one of these if he thinks he can get away with it.


They are on Royal Canin Mini Puppy food

They should stay on this till she is 4 months old. Then you can switch if you would like. I give mine at  

Water - All the water that the dogs drink has been through a purifer I have the following:


Why, because dogs can be had alergies to the iron and and other minerials in our tap or well water. It can be the cause of tear staining. You can also use distelled water

Nutracal -

This is to keep her sugar from dropping and keep them eating if needed. They are so tiny that sometimes they can get to playing so hard or if they don't nap they won't eat enough and their sugar can drop and so do they! You should always keep the clear Karo around the house too. If they were to really go down on you , like pass out, you what to take that Karo put it on your finger and rub it on her gums. This will bring her back. I don't mean to scare you but it can happen when they a little. That's why I stress the eating and naps. They are like babies.

So, get yourself setup with what you will need and it will all go a lot smoother for you. All that's left is toys, a blanket and Lots of love! Oh, I have done something with the puppies that I shouldn't do but they are so small. I got them a stuffed puppy that has the heart beat thing inside:


They love it! It's a great baby sitter!!!

Hope this helps give you some idea as to what makes things run smooth!


Things I use for Puppies that can help give you a good start!